Frequently Asked Questions


Are the Missouri Colts considered a Select Organization?

Yes, we are a select organization. We are looking for full/partial teams to join us and will hold tryouts as well (mid-July). We will not place a classification on our teams until we have concluded the majority of our winter training. Please check out our page "Team Classifications" for further clarity. 

How will you decide on your teams and coaches?

As stated, we are currently looking to add our first teams and volunteer coaches to join our program. We will be highly selective in this process with our Program Director conducting interviews, viewing team practices as well as games. We will also take into account the vibe we receive from watching the parents in the stands. We will deny teams if we see parents coaching from the stands, being abusive, bad mouthing the coaches, umpires, etc.  


Will there be any travel involved?

This will be a decision for each team's coaching staff to make. It is not a requirement to travel. 

What are the program costs per player?

Fees for each of our players 9u-12u will be $900, 13u and 14u will be $1000 for the 2021 Spring/Summer season. The fees include 2020/2021 winter training. Our pricing is considered an "all-in" price. An optional 2020 Fall season would be a separate fee; we will encourage our players to play multiple sports and not force a fall season upon them. Payment plans will be available and fundraising will be an option for all teams. For more information on what each player receives with their fees, click on "Teams" on our home page. Rest assured that the fees you pay are the EXACT cost of what the player receives. Nothing is "marked up" for profit. Our Program Director will draw ZERO salary from the Colts organization.  

Will there be a High School Program?

At this time, we are solely focused on getting our youth program off the ground. Once we are able to do that, we will then ramp up our Phase 2 planning which includes High School Team expansion. Many considerations will come into play with potential HS teams such as the possibility of adding paid head coaches along with the increased cost of tournaments.  

Do the Colts have their own facility?

No, and unless we have a donor that offers to pay every penny to purchase/lease a building, pay the utilities, do the inside build-out, and all of the other fees that are involved, we never will. We prefer to give our business to somebody that already owns a facility and we will pay for the practice space. We have targeted several facilities in the St. Charles area that will fill our needs nicely.